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Tradition of 600 years: Hamam (Turkish Bath).Harsh or Relaxing?

Every single body complains about how tired they are after visiting historical sights of Istanbul in the Histoical Peninsula.Old city of Istanbul based on seven hills and yes it's full of ups and downs on high heel enemy cobblestoned streets.
What do you want to do after a tiring day? Go back to your room,take shower and lay down?You will wake up with ache on your feet in the next morning.You sir, need a treatment!

That's why the hamams for. 60 Traditional Turkish baths out of 200 are still standing proudly in the city of Istanbul and waiting for people to go there and clean themselves.And maybe arrange Tellak (massuer) or Natir (masseuse) to help you clean and strech :)

What is the best time to go to a hamam?

Well, it depends on a person but there is a common believing in public that you should go either way on a rainy day or in the evening when it's little bit cooler outside.

What are the best hamams in Istanbul?

If you spend your holiday in old city area there are a couple of good options.

in Alphabetical order;

-Cagaloglu Hamam
-Cemberlitas Hamam (builded by the Great Architect Sinan)
-Gedikpasa Hamam
-Haseki Hurrem sultan a.k.a. Roxelane (renovated upscale prices)
-Suleymaniye Hamam (only for families and couples, singles are not allowed)

Hamams in Beyoglu area (modern part);

-Aga Hamam
-Firuzaga Hamam (gay friendly)
-Galatasaray Hamam
-Kilic Ali Pasa Hamam

Are hamams hygienic places?

Here is the best tips you can find on the web about the hamams.

-As a nature of marble (natural ones), and it's very hot inside germs can not live on them*.
-If hamam provides plastic slippers,bring your own.If they provide takunya (wooden ones),wear it.Wooden takunya (like japanese geta) don't slide on the natural marble,so you prevent injury.
-Bring your own scrub mitt or buy one at the hamam.Otherwise they will use common used ones to scrub you : )
-Always go to recommended and good managed tourist friendly ones.
-Talk to the person who gives you massage if you don't want a strong massage.
Istanbul hamam

And remember after a very good soap massage and full body scrub, you will sleep like a baby in your room.

We say SIHHATLER OLSUN! after a good bath which means good health to you!
Turkish bath takunya
Turkish bath Kese


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