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Top DoFollow Travel Blogs for Backlink Building

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Some of these blogs are very informative about traveling to Turkey and expalin you about where to buy Istanbulkart, what to buy in Istanbul and free wifi at Istanbul airports.

Simply visit these dofollow travel blogs and read their articles at that point include your profitable remarks. You can likewise strive for visitor posting. Since a large portion of these locales here permit visitor posting. These dofollow head out web journals help you to find out about making a trip and how to end up noticeably a fruitful travel blogger.

These are a portion of the best dofollow travel blogs. Every one of these destinations help you to get a great deal of value backlinks and you can likewise apply for visitor presenting on get more advantages.

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How to get online Visa for Turkey ? E-Visa System for Turkish Visa

Turkey Visa

Starting from 17 of April 2013, Turkish Government decided to change the visa system.There won't be a sticker Turkish Visa anymore.Well actually that's the best way i guess.I heard from many guests that they were waiting hours and hours to get sticker visa since there were not many visa officers.And that was in the summer of 2014.Not 20 years ago.

Updated 2017 on my new website turkish visa online

turkish visa

Visa For Turkey

So if you need a visa for Turkey you just need to go to Republic of Turkey Electronic Visa Application System from that link and your visa will be ready in 3 simple steps. Apply ,Pay and download.Payment can be done only with Visa and Mastercard 

Check on  if the description of your country includes "e-visa" and if there is a link to e-visa's website.Otherwise you need to make application to nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate General for the visa.

E-Visa website has 6 languange Selections
Deutsch / English / Espanol / Français / Polski / Türkçe

I find it very strange that they did not include the Russian language since Turkey visited by many Russians. I think i am not the only one who has difficulty with Cyrillic alphabet :)
turkish visa

Turkish Visa 

Important Reminder Notes:

-Payment can be done only with Visa and Mastercard 
-Passport should be valid for at least 6 months as from the date of your arrival in Istanbul, Turkey. 
-E-visa is only valid when the purpose of travel is tourism or commerce.
Other purposes, such as work and study, require regular visa given by Embassies or Consulates.

Turkey Visa - Visa For Turkey - Turkish Visa 

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Top 5 of the Best Antiques Shops in Istanbul

From hidden gems in the Grand Bazaar to smoky bookshops in the back streets of Beyoglu, we hunt down Istanbul's fast-disappearing antique treasures.
istanbul antique shops
Sofa Antique Shop


Just outside the Grand Bazaar's Nurosmaniye gate, Sofa is almost more museum than shop. Arguably most visitors to Istanbul aren't in the market for priceless 19th century Greek and Russian orthodox icons, Ottoman miniatures and book illuminations, but for those who are, it's a must. The icons are often unusual examples of late Ottoman-era production and the miniatures and illuminations portray anything from mythological scenes to Ottoman sultans. Owner Kashif Bey has also lovingly built up a fantastic collection of Turkish, Ottoman and Islamic art, from delicately carved signet rings to maps of the region, engravings and ottoman landscape and portrait paintings, as well as huge art books. Admittedly none of this comes cheap, but Sofa has built its reputation catering for collectors seeking one-off historical objects, impossible to source elsewhere.
Nuruosmaniye Caddesi 53A, Cagaloglu, +90 212 520 2850

Sisko Osman 
sisko osman antique
Sisko Osman

Antique carpets, whilst synonymous with Turkey, remain somewhat of a pirate's trade. While machine-woven rugs – aimed at far eastern clients – are gradually replacing the ancient techniques used to weave carpets, deep in the heart of the Grand Bazaar, Sisko Osman is a truly old style carpet dealer, scouring the cities of Anatolia for rare kilims and halis. His findings are showcased in his shop in Zincirli Han – perhaps the Bazaar's most beautiful courtyard. Deeply knowledgeable, having studied in Cairo and at the Sorbonne, Osman takes great pride in the intellectual content of his work, keen to inform clients of the significance and meaning of their carpets, as they sip cups of hot tea while Osman's apprentices pull out masterpiece after masterpiece.
Zincirli Han 15, Kapali Carsi, +90 212 528 3548

Art House 
art house antiques
Art house

Tucked away behind the many tourist traps for which the Grand Bazaar is becoming a little too famous lie vestiges of the bazaar as was – before the influx of tacky souvenirs and cheap machine-produced carpets. Antique copperware remains an insider's secret, and for those not looking to buy, the copper shops are some of the bazaar's most picturesque corners. Art House in the charmingly rundown Ic Cebeci Han (hans are old trading inns) offers a range of antiquities – from elegant Kütahya porcelain to burnished copper dishes. Pick up a hamam tasi – the water bowls used in the hamam – or an elegant copper plate.
Ic Cebeci Han 17, Yaglikcilar Caddesi, Kapali Carsi, Eminonu

A La Turca

A La Turca antiques

Erkal Aksoy, the irrepressible owner of Cukurcuma's richest antique shop, is as much a curator as he is an antiques dealer. A La Turca has been designed to maintain the illusion of an Ottoman private house overflowing with possessions. Kilims are rolled up and stacked on shelves while tables overflow with the earthy colours of Turkish ceramics: green from Adana and Tokat, yellow and brown from Balikesir, and glittering platters, many covered in macaroons and other sweet delicacies for those who pass by.
Faikpasa 4, Beyoğlu, +90 212 245 2933

Sivasli Istanbul Yazmacisi

sivasli istanbul yazmacisi

It's easy to miss this gem of a shop in among the garish storefronts of the Grand Bazaar. Murat Hashas, however, is where Istanbul's fashion and interior designers go to pick up ikat fabrics (fantastic central Asian woven silks) for couture dresses and expensive cushion covers: clients are said to include Rifat Özbek and Dice Kayek. The walls are lined with a rich kaleidoscope of antique and new, printed and woven fabrics from all over Turkey and central Asia. Especially wonderful are the rolls of ikat, tucked away in a black bin-liner under the desk. They also do a very good line in Ottoman velvets and traditional Turkish wood-block printed cloths.
Yaglikcilar Sokak 57, Kapali Carsi, +90 212 526 7748

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Most Useful Turkish Words,Phrases,Verbs to Use While Travel Turkey

Most Useful Turkish Words,Phrases,Verbs to Use While Travel Turkey

It's always best to know some basic words of the local language when you visit a country. Turkish people attempt their best to help you when you have language barrier, however, not all Turks in Turkey can communicate in English.
Most Useful Turkish Words,Phrases,Verbs to Use
Useful Turkish Words

The majority of dining establishments have menus in both Turkish and English,but still good to carry that list below with you.
So, long story short here are some phrases that will help you during your visit to Turkey.You can also download Most Useful Turkish Words,Phrases,Verbs to Travel Turkey in printable word format from Google Drive.

English Greetings                                          Turkish Greetings:

  • Hi!                                                                  Merhaba!
  • Good morning!                                                  Günaydın!
  • Good evening!                                                  İyi akşamlar!
  • Welcome! (to greet someone)                          Hoş geldiniz! (answer: Hoş bulduk!)
  • How are you?                                                  Nasılsın(ız)?
  • I'm fine, thanks!                                          İyiyim, teşekkür ederim!
  • And you?                                                          Ya siz?
  • Good/ So-So.                                                   İyi / Şöyle böyle
  • Thank you (very much)!                                   (Çok) teşekkür ederim!
  • You're welcome! (for "thank you")                   Rica ederim!
  • Hey! Friend!                                                   Hey! Arkadaş!
  • I missed you so much!                                   Seni (sizi) çok özledim!
  • What's new?                                                   Ne var ne yok?
  • Nothing much                                                    Özel bir şey yok!
  • Good night!                                                   İyi geceler!
  • See you later!                                                   Görüşürüz!
  • Good bye!                                                   Hoşça kal(ın)!

Asking for Help and Directions

  • I'm lost                                                         Kayboldum
  • Can I help you?                                         Yardımcı olabilir miyim?
  • Can you help me?                                         Bana yardım edebilir misiniz?
  • Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?                 Tuvalet/ eczane nerede?
  • Go straight! then turn left/ right!                         Doğru git (gidin), sonra sola /sağa dön (dönün)
  • I'm looking for john.                                         John'u arıyorum
  • One moment please!                                         Bir dakika lütfen!
  • Hold on please! (phone)                                 Bekleyin, lütfen!
  • How much is this?                                         Bunun fiyatı ne kadar?
  • Excuse me ...! (to ask for something)                 Bakar mısınız?
  • Excuse me! ( to pass by)                                 Lütfen
  • Come with me!                                                 Benimle gel(in)!

English Phrases                                                 Turkish Phrases

  • Do you speak (English/ Turkish)?                  İngilizce /Türkçe konuşuyor musunuz?
  • Just a little.                                                  Biraz
  • What's your name?                                          ismin(iz ) nedir?
  • My name is ...                                                  ismim ...
  • Mr.../ Mrs.…/ Miss…                                  … Bey/ …Hanım (Mrs & Ms are the same)
  • Nice to meet you!                                          Memnun oldum!
  • You're very kind!                                          Çok naziksiniz
  • Where are you from?                                  Nerelisiniz?
  • I'm from (the U.S/ Turkey)                          (Amerika/ Türkiye) 'dan geliyorum
  • I'm (American)                                                  Amerikalıyım
  • Where do you live?                                          Nerede oturuyorsun(uz)?
  • I live in (the U.S/ Turkey)                                  Amerika'da/ Türkiye'da oturuyorum
  • Did you like it here?                                          Burayı sevdiniz mi?
  • Turkey is a wonderful country                          Türkiye çok güzel bir ülkedir
  • What do you do for a living?                          Ne iş yaparsınız?
  • I work as a (translator/ businessman)                  Mütercim/ iş adamı olarak çalışıyorum
  • I like Turkish                                                  Türkçe seviyorum
  • I've been learning Turkish for 1 month          Bir aydan beri Türkçe öğreniyorum
  • Oh! That's good!                                          Öyle mi! bu çok güzel bir şey!
  • How old are you?                                          Kaç yaşındasın(ız)?
  • I'm (twenty, thirty...) years old.                          Yirmi/ otuz yaşındayım
  • I have to go                                                  Gitmem lâzım

Wish Someone Something

  • Good luck!                                                   iyi şanslar!
  • Happy birthday!                                           Doğum günün(üz) kutlu olsun!
  • Happy new year!                                          Yeni yılın(ız) kutlu olsun!
  • Merry Christmas!                                          Noelin(iz) kutlu olsun!
  • Congratulations!                                          Tebrikler!
  • Enjoy! (for meals...)                                          Afiyet olsun! (to be said after the meal)
  • I'd like to visit Turkey one day                          Bir gün Türkiye görmek isterim
  • Say hi to John for me                                  John'a selam söyle(yin)!
  • Bless you (when sneezing)                                  Çok yaşa! (answer: sen de gör!)
  • Good night and sweet dreams!                          İyi geceler ve tatlı rüyalar!

Solving a Misunderstanding

  • I'm Sorry! (if you don't hear something)           Efendim?
  • Sorry (for a mistake)                                           Özür dilerim!
  • No Problem!                                                   Önemli değil!
  • Can You Say It Again?                                   Bir daha söyler misiniz?
  • Can You Speak Slowly?                                   Daha yavaş konuşabilir misin(iz)?
  • Write It Down Please!                                   Bunu lütfen yazar mısın(ız)?
  • I Don't Understand!                                           Anlamadım
  • I Don't Know!                                                    Bilmiyorum
  • I Have No Idea.                                            Hiç fikrim yok
  • What's That Called In Turkish?                            Bu Türkçe nasıl denilir?
  • What Does "gato" Mean In English?                    'evet'' 'nun İngilizcesi nedir?
  • How Do You Say "Please" In Turkish?            "please" Türkçe nasil denilir?
  • What Is This?                                                    Bu ne?
  • My Turkish is bad.                                            Türkçem kötüdür
  • I need to practice my Turkish                            Türkçe pratik yapmam lâzım
  • Don't worry!                                                    Merak etme(yin)!

Turkish Expressions and Words

  • Good/ Bad/ So-So.                                             iyi/ kötü/ şöyle böyle
  • Big/ Small                                                             büyük/ küçük
  • Today/ Now                                                     Bugün/ şimdi
  • Tomorrow/ Yesterday                                     yarın/ dün
  • Yes/ No                                                             evet/ hayır
  • Here you go! (when giving something)             Buyurun!
  • Do you like it?                                                     Bunu seviyor musun(uz)?
  • I really like it!                                                     gerçekten çok seviyorum!
  • I'm hungry/ thirsty.                                             acıktım /susadım
  • In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night.                     Sabahleyin/ akşamleyin/ geceleyin
  • This/ That. Here/There                                     bu/ şu/ o. burada/ şurada/ orada
  • Me/ You. Him/ Her.                                             Ben, sen, o/ o (same for him & her)
  • Really!                                                             Gerçekten mi!
  • Look!                                                             Baksana!
  • Hurry up!                                                             Acele et!
  • What? Where?                                                     Ne? Nerede?
  • What time is it?                                                     Saat Kaç?
  • It's 10 o'clock. 07:30pm.                                     Saat on. Saat yedi buçuk.
  • Give me this!                                                     Bunu bana ver(in)!
  • I love you!                                                     Seni seviyorum!
  • I feel sick.                                                             Kendimi kötü hissediyorum
  • I need a doctor                                                     Bana bir doktor lâzım
  • One, Two, Three                                             bir, iki, üç
  • Four, Five, Six                                                     dört, beş ,altı
  • Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten                                      yedi, sekiz, dokuz, on

Try to memorize some of the Most Useful Turkish Words,Phrases,Verbs above in order to make use of them as part of your regular discussion during your travel to Turkey.

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