Friday, May 16, 2014

Where to buy an Istanbul Card?

If you are planning to use very convenient public transportation of  Istanbul and do not now where to buy an Istanbulkart (public transportation card),read the topic below for the best help on the web.

Where to buy Istanbul card at the Atatürk Airport?
If you will use the metro in order to reach Oldcity area (or any other destinantion by metro),after the luggage claim you need to go out of the security door and turn right,go until the end of the hall and use the lift.Press the button for  lowest floor and that's it.
What you need to do is to walk hallway until you reach to the end. At the airport you will see many signs showing how to go to metro station.
That's the terminal station where you will find Istanbul Kart.

Where to buy Istanbul card at the Sabiha Gokcen Airport?

You can easily find Istanbulkart  at the white kiosk across the street from the exit of the arrivals terminal. Look for a small bistro & little cafe.It's next to it.

Other main points that you can find Istanbul Kart.

There are 66 official kiosk and shops selling Istanbul kart and around 1600 authorized kiosks(without additional fee).
Find the most popular places that are close to touristic attraction points below.

Taksim Central metro station.
Karakoy-Tunnel station (funicular)
Tunnel-Karakoy station (other side of funicular)
Eminonu terminal bus station
Besiktas ferry pier
Bosphorus Bridge Asian side Metrobus station.
Kadikoy ferry pier (Asian side)

Where can i use the Istanbul Card?

Public transportation buses (except the rare ones with express sign on them)
Light metro (yes the are different types of metros and trams in Istanbul).
Nostalgic Tramway (Taksim Square)
Cable Car
City Lines (Istanbul municipality ferry lines)

How much does it cost and shall i buy one?

You will be charged 7 TRL (2014 fee) only for a and then you need to load some money on it.And it's not refundable.When you finish your holiday, you can give it to somebody else to use.

Do not take it with you unless you will visit Istanbul in 2 years again.
Card expires in 2 years!!
Once you buy the card from a kiosk or main station, you can load money at every station from automatic machines.
You can use one Istanbul card upto 5 People!! You don't need to buy a card for each person unless a person wants to travel discounted.
You can only load 20 TL from a machine at one time.Do not insert any higher bank notes.Otherwise you will have tons of coins (no joke).

Should you buy one? DEFINITELY...

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  1. Where can i buy one at BlueMosque/Sultanahmet area?

    1. Merhaba,
      Thanks for commenting.
      You will see the famous Sultanahmet koftecisi (meatball restaurant) on the left side after the Sultanahmet tram station.If you follow the tram line downhill,you can see the kiosk that sells soda,cigarette and fresh pressed juice.They sell Istanbul card there.Don't forget to have some Turkish Lira with you.

      You are always welcome to ask questions.All the questions will be answered in the sameday.

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