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How to reach from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Sultanahmet Area (Historical Peninsula) 2014 by public transportation?

Reaching from Sabiha Gokcen airport to centers is not difficult but it takes a lot of time.It's aprroximately 45 kms to Sultanahmet area and 40 kms to Taksim square.Usually budget friendly good airlines like Pegasus airlines and easyjet airlines are using Sabiha Gokcen.

How to reach to old city ?

Sabiha Gokcen airport is very well served by Istanbul I.E.T.T. (public buses).Especially if you need to reach to Kadikoy area.
There is a public bus called E-10 SABIHA GOKCEN-KADIKOY and it moves from the airport at every 25 minutes.Starting at 02:30 am and finishing at 01:30 am.There is only one hour break until it starts again.

Here is the break point.When you reach to Kadikoy (Asian part) you need to take ferry in order to cross the sea to Eminonu or Karakoy on the European side.That's where you will take tram to reach Sultanahmet area.
But Eminonu ferry line starts at 07:00 am (weekdays),07:10 am (weekends) and Karakoy ferry starts at 06:10 am (weekdays), 06:30(weekends).
If you will be there anytime earlier than opening hours, you need to wait until the first ferry embarks. 
In the evening Kadikoy-Eminonu ferry works until 21:00 everyday.If you can't catch it Kadikoy-Karakoy is available until 23:00 everyday.And it's just one stop away from Eminonu(other side of Galata Bridge).
And tram line works 12:00 midnight.

Anywhere between these time schedules,you will need to wait or find another solution.
You can find here more infomation about Istanbul taxi fares and HAVATAS shuttle buses.

How much it will cost?
If your hotel is somewhere near Sirkeci or Eminonu,you will reach by walking easily after ferry pier and this route will cost you 8 TL (4 TL for the bus + 4 TL for the ferry).
If you need to take tram to reach your hotel,it will cost you 4 TL more.
I highly suggest you to get an Istanbul Card to have an easy and discounted (2.95 TL with the card) travel.Click to find out exactly where to buy Istanbul Card at both Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen airports.
Make your plans according to working hours of ferry lines on the way back to the airport.

Another option is to take KM22-SABIHA GOKCEN HAVALIMANI - KARTAL METRO public bus to KARTAL-KADIKOY metro station.You can use the metro until AYRILIKCESME station (one before the Kadikoy terminal) to interchange to MARMARAY metro line.Marmaray line will help you to cross the Bosphorus and reach to Sirkeci (Eminonu part),to Vezneciler (Suleymaniye Mosque,Grand Bazaar part) and to Yenikapi (Laleli,Kumkapi part) in less than 10 minutes.And using this route will cost you 12 TL per person.
As you will find them below,this route's working hours are very narrow.

Starts   :07:15 am

Start      :11:50 am
Finishes :17:15

KARTAL-KADIKOY metro working hours;
Everyday between 
06:00am and 00:00 hours

MARMARAY metro working hours;
Everyday between 
06:00am and 00:00 hours

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  1. I was flying with easyjet to visit Istanbul.I didn't know Sabiha Gokcen airport was that far from city center.
    The information you provide is really useful.Thanks.