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How to reach from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet Area (Historical Peninsula) by public transportation?

How to get to Sultanahmet from Ataturk Airport?

by Emre Ozkiper

Actually, many people think it's difficult to reach from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet Area by public transportation.Despite the crowd it's one of the easiest public transportations to use in Istanbul.

How to go to metro station after luggage claim?

I promise you,if you have a roll on luggage,you don't have to lift it even once until you arrive Sultanahmet square.

Do not hurry to go out of the Airport once you go out of the luggage claim door.When you see a bunch of welcomers waiting for their guests, turn right and keep walking until the end of the hall.There you go! you found the elevators that go to metro floor directly.Simply follow the signboards.

Can i buy token or Istanbul Kart (Card) at the airport?

When you reach to metro station at the airport you will see many token machines and a ticket sales office.I saw a couple times that the ticket office was closed at late hours.If so, buy token from one of the machines.

Ataturk Airport Station
It's simple to but istanbulkart.Insert 4 TL per person and press the button on the left side.You can also insert paper note upto some amount (usually 10 TL is fine).Machine will give your change as well.
If you have difficulty look above the machine and see the instructions.
And make sure you have some Turkish Liras with you.

Where to Interchange to T1 Tram Line?

If your hotel is somewhere close to Hagia Sophia/Blue Mosque area,you can consider interchanging to T1 tram line at Zeytinburnu station.It's the 6th station after the airport and there will be always Turkish/English anouncement in airport metro.You need another token for T1 tram line.Payment system is the same.

If your hotel is close to Kumkapi/Laleli region you can use the airport metro until the terminal station which is Aksaray.That will save you from paying another 4 TL per person at Zeytinburnu interchange station.Additionaly 5 to 10 minutes is required to reach to your hotel after the station.

Watch your belongings during the crowded rush hours!

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