Sunday, May 11, 2014

How to reach from Ataturk Airport to Besiktas/Ortakoy area by public transportation?

This is a guide about how to reach from Ataturk airport to Besiktas/Ortakoy area if you are planing to stay in a hotel and enjoy the Bosphorus breeze at the same time.

You will use exactly the same way as i explained in How to reach from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet area?

You will use the M1-airport metro & T1 tram combination.But this time you will wait until the terminal station which is Kabatas.When you arrive at Kabatas,you will see a main bus station.Bus lines 25E-Kabatas-Sariyer and 22RE-Fatih Sultan Mehmet-Kabatas are passing from Besiktas (first station after Kabatas,15 minutes of walking distance) and Ortakoy station.And the frequency of the buses are every 20 minutes.Buying Istanbul Kart would be very useful in this case.

Most popular hotels in this neighbourhood are Four Seasons Bosphorus (Besiktas station),Ciragan Palace Kempinski (Ciragan station) and Radisson Blu Bosphorus (Ortakoy station).
There are also some places you might want to visit on weekend evenings such as Reina night club,Supper Club or Suada Restaurant.They are all located close to Ortakoy bus station.

But who would go to a night club with a public bus right ? :) Anyway...

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